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Update 2 on Viviana

A donor took particular interest in Vivianna and has supported her every step of her recuperation journey. In the meantime, Viviana had empowered herself, and many women with support from her husband. They had a second baby last year and things have been going ok. Then this donor said to ask what they would want him to do for them, because he didn’t want to keep just sending a monthly token to them. Viviana and her husband said they were doing ok, with her business and him going to the farm. After much persistence, they said it would be nice for them not to be paying house rent. This donor has paid $350 for a piece of land and also to support in buying zinc and other building materials.
They have bought the land and are now ready to start building their own home. This! Is why we do what we do. This is why RADi exists. So we can help replace terror with love. We tell them all the time, that strangers may have come to unleash terror on them, but there are even more strangers who bring nothing but pure love! God bless you all for helping us do what we do.