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Humanitarian Crisis In Southern Kaduna

There has been a rise in attacks in Southern Kaduna. We got distress calls this morning about hundreds of people only having the clothes on their bodies and no food. Right now we would want to deliver food, toiletries, clothes, shoes and whatever at all anyone has to donate.
We have N28,500 balance from the school fees donations, plus N80,000 from the donations from medicated soaps and ointments. We would be using this to buy medicated soaps, detergent and food, to deliver to them this week. Kindly reach out to RADi, Reuben Buhari, Mercy Alili Dio, Maureen Zabe Daniel Ghandu or me if you have anything at all you’re not using. 🙏🏽

Donations can also be made to:

Sterling Bank
Resilient Aid & Dialogue Initiative

Thank you all for always. ❤️