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RADi babies: Isaiah, Zipporah & Isaac.

If you have been following our stories you will know they lost 3 older siblings and both parents in an attack that left them in a pool of their own blood as even they, were left for dead. A family of 8 turned a family of 3 in minutes. The baby, Isaac, had 3 bullets removed from his head and 1 from his arm. We have been taking care of them since the incident with the help of a very special donor who pays all their fees. Another very special friend of RADi took Isaiah and Zipporah in, when their school closed for the holidays, so they could spend time with her family. Today their Aunty and baby brother are here to pick them up to go back to the village for Christmas.
What they don’t know is that the uncle they have been living with in the village since their parents were murdered, just died. Their only surviving uncle. They will be told once they reach home. Pray for our babies. Our hearts break for them, but we promise to do everything we can to keep them smiling…no matter what life throws at them. Or us. So help us God!