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Changing Diane’s Life

Reuben Buhari and Alheri Magaji met Diane, on April 30th 2021. She was begging God to take her life because the pains were too much. Diane was repeatedly shot while walking back home from their farm with her baby strapped on her back and her mother in-law walking closely behind. 7 bullets were removed from her torso/pelvic area and the stench emanating from her that day we saw her can better be imagined.


When Reuben Buhari and Alheri first met Diane

She is now walking on her own and even back to working on the farm again. She and her husband are grateful to RADi for helping them pay for her surgery at the time. This right here is why the obstacles we face pale in comparison to the joy we feel, seeing people like Diane smile.

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